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Well before Napa Valley was wine country, there has existed a spirit that lives within all things connected to this specific area in Northern California.It is a force that lives between all things and is the guiding hand that makes Napa Valley an agricultural marvel. JULIANNA is a direct representation of the original way of life in Napa Valley.



From the dusty wooden barrel racks, to the rich soil, to the secluded hillside where JULIANNA is grown, there exists this delicate balance between the power and finesse of nature. Understanding this connection is having the soil underneath your fingernails, the Napa air in your lungs and your eyes drinking in vibrant colors of the hilltop. JULIANNA stands for a way of life in which we understand that the journey and the work we do in fact create the very destination we seek.



Julianna Corley

Viticulture & Organic Farming

Growing wine grapes for the past twenty years for clients such as Opus One, Hourglass Vineyards, Williams-Selyem, and Weightstone Taiwan. With a concentration in teaching organic farming and sustainability.


Christopher Crawford Corley


First generation Scot-American and second generation wine producer in Napa Valley. Chris' 28 years of experience in the wine cellar shows in his 93+wines and more important, a continued desire to discover better ways of making wine. His "intellectual winemaking" outlet is fueled by his great work in his family's" Napa Valley Vineyard Estate and clients in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja, and Puli, Taiwan.



JULIANNA is born of the collaboration between Chris and Julianna Corely and Barrelhead Wines. JULIANNA is more than just premium ingredients and expert knowledge of viticulture and winemaking – while it is those things, Julianna is an embodiment of the way of life that exists around the Napa Valley wine as an art-form. JULIANNA represents every breath, every second or every day that the living land and ecosystem of the hillsides and valleys churns.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley

This incredibly unique environment produces stunning visuals that elicit a feeling that you are a part of its nature and in a space where this unmatched nectar has been squeezed from the land just for you. Every bottle of JULIANNA transports you to this place and brings you images of the vines and the hillsides, the smells of the soil and the oaky mustiness of the dusty barrel racks, the sweet notes of gently fermenting fruit, and the feeling that not only are you enjoying great wine, but are a living part of this entire circle.