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About the handling of personal information
Petabit Global Solutions Inc.

We will properly manage all personal information (hereinafter referred to as personal
information) handled in the course of business in accordance with the Personal Information
Protection Law and other laws and regulations, our personal information protection policy and
other stipulated internal regulations. The handling of personal information to be obtained will
be as follows, so please make sure you have read and fully understand these terms before you

Purpose of using personal information

We will use personal information obtained for the purposes listed below. It is not used for other
purposes. If there is any change in how we use personal information, you will be contacted via
your preferred contact method.

· In the case of reservation / bidding / the purchase of products or services, or any other
delivery of goods, provision of services, payment settlement, correspondence to customer
inquiries, Inquiries through this website, related after-sales service, other services required in
carrying out the transaction.

· Provide information about the service via e-mail, mail, telephone, etc.

· To analyze how customers use services, to develop new services and to improve existing
· In order to customize the content that is viewed on this site
· In order to inform customers of information such as new services and new products
Provide personal information

We will not provide personal information outside which is not permitted by law to third parties
without obtaining the customer’s consent beforehand

Outsourcing personal information

We will not delegate the handling of personal information to other businesses within the range
necessary for achieving the purpose of use.

In the case of delegating personal information to other business operators, we select
outsourcers with personal information protection systems in place and sign contracts regarding
protection of personal information.

Security management of personal information
We will implement appropriate security control measures so that no personal information is
obtained through illegal means

On the arbitrary nature ofproviding personal information

Offering personal information to our company is optional. In addition, please note that we may
not be able to provide our full service if the requires information is not provided
reception · window for disclosures

Regarding personal information that is provided, we will respond to notice of use, correction,
addition or deletion, acceptance to refusal of usage or sharing.

We will accept requests at this window. Please understand that we may not be able to respond
to requests that are inconsistent herein.

【Contact Information】
Petabit Global Solutions Inc.
Adress:9F Matsunaga Bldg, 2-1-17 Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013

About acquisition of personal information through a method which the principal cannot easily

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